Type of Services

TRS MTB offers a complete range of services for the maintenance, repair and optimization of your MTB suspensions: from simple emptying, to complete maintenance with joint replacements, but also the optimization of equipment to your size and according to the type of cycling outings.

Builder recommendations

Whether for your Fork, Shock Absorber or Telescopic Seat Post, manufacturers recommend regular maintenance of suspension elements to maintain their performance and durability.

These servicing are to be carried out regularly:
Every 50h to 100h of use:
Purge and Lubrication
Every 100h to 200h of use:
Purging, Lubrication and Joint Replacement.

They avoid the inconvenience of air or oil leakage and prevent premature wear of hydraulic, pneumatic and sliding components that can ruin an outlet and sometimes cost money.


TRS offers 2 levels of services for the revision of your Forks, Shocks and Telescopic Stools:

"La Purge"
Starting from 80 €

The "La Purge" package guarantees the smooth operation and reliability of your suspensions. It includes a thorough diagnosis, disassembly, cleaning and reassembly with change of all oils.

"Les Joints"
Starting from 110 €

The "Les Joints" package gives your suspensions all their original features: in addition to purging, it also includes the replacement of all seals: scraper, pneumatic and hydraulic seals.

For these two packages, and if your equipment allows it, the purges of the hydraulic systems will be carried out under vacuum and the precharging of the compensation chambers is carried out with nitrogen: this guarantees an optimal operation of your equipment avoiding the air bubbles.

After disassembly and diagnosis, all the parts as well as the functional games are checked: in case of wear and / or breakage - which can only be visible after dismantling - a repair can be proposed to you. Any unforeseen resulting in an additional cost will be realized with your prior agreement of course.

Comparison of maintenance packages

Package "La Purge"
every 50h to 100h
Package "Les Joints"
every 100h to 200h
Functional tests before maintenance
Complete disassembly, inspection & diagnosis
Reassembling, purging and lubrication
Replacement of all joints: Air, Hydraulic & Spinnaker
Function tests after reassembly

What price for your equipment?

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Repair of your MTB suspensions
Performance optimization of your MTB fork or shock absorber


A work specifically adapted to the pilot and his mount. Objective: to ride hard combining pleasure and performance.

After a questionnaire focused on your needs and expectations, but also on your driving and your settings, a tailor-made service is offered.

As the optimization service is case-by-case, the prices are based on a personalized quote. To find out more, find out what you can do, contact us.

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